The time has come for more transparency and tighter regulations about the ingredients used in our everyday skincare and cosmetic products. The Personal Care Products Safety Act (PCPSA) is a long-awaited step in this direction and our company is a committed supporter of its guidelines to make our self care routine safer. Our open letter of support follows:

United States Senate
Washington, DC

RE: The Personal Care Products Safety Act (S.1113)

As a business owner and operator in the personal care products industry, I am writing to reaffirm my support of the Personal Care Products Safety Act (S.1113), introduced by Senators Feinstein and Collins on May 11, 2017. This is a historic piece of legislation that I believe will not only be vital to protecting the health and safety of consumers, but fundamental to preserving the integrity of the personal care products industry.

Though the personal care products industry continues to grow rapidly, the current FDA regulations have not been updated in 79 years. They set a dangerously low threshold for consumer safety and good practices in manufacturing — and they lag far behind those that are the norm in other parts of the developed world. 

When we began to develop our Éclair Naturals product line, I was advised to look at the European and Canadian regulations if we ever intended to export our products to other parts of the world. I was shocked and dismayed to discover that there were approximately 1,400 ingredients in Europe and approximately 600 ingredients in Canada that are regulated in personal care products that are not regulated in the U.S. These numbers are staggering.

My hope is that the newly introduced Act will serve not only as a safeguard for consumers, but as a catalyst for positive change in the personal care products industry. This piece of legislation sets forth a new and urgently needed standard of transparency and trustworthiness for businesses; and, once it is passed, I believe any company manufacturing products made with harmful ingredients would immediately search for alternatives just knowing that they are under review.

With this Act, we have a critical opportunity to raise the bar for good practices in manufacturing, and to shield millions of Americans from potentially toxic products. In my opinion, the primary role of a government is to protect its constituents. This Act does that in a way that is well structured and balanced so as not to be burdensome on companies large or small, while serving the best interests of consumers.

Our company, Éclair Naturals, is fully on board with this Act and would be proud to serve as a test subject for the registration process, or to be one of the first companies to have our facility and products registered under its guidelines.

If we fail to evolve the current FDA regulations for the safety of consumers – which I believe this Act does efficiently, and with little burden on businesses – then we fail to protect our parents, our children, our loved ones, and ourselves. I am proud to stand behind it and I believe that anyone manufacturing personal care products should also be willing to support this Act and adhere to its standards.



John Matise

Co-Founder and CEO

DM Natural Products, Inc.

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