Support the Personal Care Products Safety Act (PCPSA)

Regulation in the realm of personal care products is virtually nonexistent. The few regulations that govern the ingredients in personal care products haven’t been updated since 1938. For example, Europe has banned 1,400 chemicals, Canada has banned nearly 600, and the US has only banned 10! The numbers are quite startling, which is why we support this movement that will bring the FDA into the 21st century. We are hopeful more participants will join us in this change and support the Personal Care Products Safety Act.

The Personal Care Products Safety Act is a federal bill (re)introduced by Senator Dianne Feinstein (D) and Susan Collins (R) in order to improve the regulation of skin care and beauty products. The bill requires that cosmetic companies register their facilities with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and adhere to having their products overseen by the FDA. They must give the FDA full authority to review their cosmetic ingredients, including the amounts of an ingredient in each product. If the FDA deems the ingredients to have serious negative health consequences, they may prohibit the distribution of the product and recall it. In addition, the FDA must review at least 5 ingredients each year and determine safe conditions for its use, including a warning label or limit on the amount of an ingredient. A product cannot be used if it does not adhere to these established safety regulations.

For the first time in 80 years, the regulations involved with cosmetics and personal care products are in the process of being reformed, and we have hope that this new and improved bill will ensure the safety of consumers.

Join us in this movement by following these simple steps:

1. Find your senator at the link below and click on their contact info:

2. Copy and paste this sample letter into your senator’s contact form:

Dear Senator [SURNAME]

I am writing to express my support of the recently introduced Personal Care Products Safety Act (S. 1113). The safety of my cosmetics and skin care products is important to me, and I am alarmed by the presence of harmful ingredients in everyday products that I could unknowingly and potentially put on my body each day, which are allowed under the current FDA regulations last updated in 1938.

This is an issue in which we lag far behind the rest of the modern world. Did you know that Europe regulates approximately 1,400 ingredients in personal care products that are not regulated in the U.S.? Did you know that Canada regulates 600 ingredients that are not regulated in the U.S? The U.S. currently regulates only 11.

I believe that it’s time to enforce greater federal oversight of these products as a safeguard to your constituents’ health and safety, and I am eager to see this bill introduced into Congress. I urge you to support this bill and to take action to protect our families from harmful ingredients in the cosmetic and skin care industry.

With this Act, we have a critical opportunity to raise the bar for good practices in manufacturing, and to shield millions of Americans from potentially toxic products. If we fail to evolve the current FDA regulations for the safety of consumers, then we fail to protect our parents, our children, our loved ones, and ourselves.

Thank you for your leadership on this issue. I am certain that you will support the health and safety of your constituents.


… [NAME/email]


3. Share this with friends and family so they too can stand up for #SafeProducts.

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