When caring for your skin, moisturizing and hydrating seem like interchangeable words. One product can achieve both, right? They are actually very different!

Moisturizers reduce trans epidermal water loss by forming a barrier over the skin through occlusive and emollient ingredients. They retain moisture present in the skin at the time of application. By providing a protective seal on the skin’s surface, moisturizers are able to reduce the risk of evaporation of moisture from the skin throughout the day. The shea butter, jojoba oil & vitamin E -based body butters will create an impenetrable barrier on skin’s surface so no moisture can escape.

While moisturizers are designed to seal moisture into the skin, hydrating products are formulated to increase the water content of the skin. This is typically achieved by utilizing hygroscopic ingredients, such as humectants. Hygroscopic ingredients attract water from their surroundings through absorption or adsorption. Glycerin, honey and hyaluronic acid are great examples—they absorb water from the air and bind it to the skin, facilitating hydration. Sounds too complicated? Simply put, the Éclair Naturals All Over Lotions are the perfect way to get deep hydration into skin; they contain many ultra-hydrating ingredients.

Therefore, it is best to apply hydrating products first and moisturizing products second. This way you add moisture to the skin and then ensure that it stays hydrated throughout the day. Using the All Over Lotion in conjunction with a Body Butter is the best way to have beautiful, hydrated, and moisturized skin!